Ecopal services are currently available only in Finland.

100-10-0 ™ procurement service


– Buy 100% of the system at a purchase price and enjoy the yield of the system

– Rent the system with 10% service lease agreement (5-10 year contract) *

– Acquisition of a 0% investment by energy sales contract (25 year contract) **

* The Ecohybridi Service Lease Agreements annual costs are 10% of the total purchase price. After a ten-year lease period, the system can be transferred as the customers property by handing over the 10% deposit fee, which was paid at beginning of the contract period. You may also redeem the system in the middle of the contract period. The redeem price will take into account the age reduction. In the service lease agreement, we give the system a 10-year full warranty. Available only in Finland.

** With an Ecohybridi energy sales agreement, you pay lower price for heating and / or cooling energy. After 25 years of contract, the system will be customers property without a separate redemption price. You may also redeem the system in the middle of the contract period. The redeem price will take into account the age reduction. In the energy sales agreement, we give the system a 25-year full warranty. Available only in Finland. (Only limited amount of energy sales contracts are available.)

Device sales

We provide all Ecohybridi system devices at a direct purchase price to property owners and contractors. In device sales, we offer our products a 2-year warranty, installation guidance and installation inspection in the property before the actual deployment of the devices we supply.

Online Offer Service (coming in fall 2018)

The online offer service is a fill-in form on our webpage. By providing us the information of your real estate, you will receive a written calculation and offer from equipments or cost-effective energy efficiency improvement Ecohybridi system to your real estate.

Life Cycle Comparison

In the life cycle comparison, the repayment time of the different hybrid combinations of the various heat production and heat recovery systems of this Ecohybridi system can be compared for example to traditional district heating and geothermal heating systems. Life cycle comparison makes it easier for you to choose or recommend it to your customers.

HVAC-planning service

We provide Ecohybridi with HVAC-planning service, where we optimize the performance of your hardware combinations in a cost-effective way. Optimum system performance saves significantly on the heating and cooling costs of the property.

Installation Service

We provide Ecohybridi system installed with a full 10-year operating, yield and refund guarantee. Sourcing the system is the easiest and most risk-free one from a vendor, whereby warranty issues are also clear about possible complaints.

After-Sales Service

We provide a service agreement for your Ecohybridi system, guaranteeing system maintenance, repairs, device upgrades, optimum performance, best return on investment, and maximum service life.