The University of Helsinki, Viikki campus

The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger was installed to the University of Helsinki, Viikki campus, in April 2016. University is producing hot steam for laboratory and dairy production. This hot vapor is used to wash, disinfect and sterilize used instruments in the veterinary and food sciences. Hot steam was previously cooled by a cold tap water before the steam outlet was drained to the sink, which caused a significant water charge to the property and a waste of energy that was not been utilized previously.

In a Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger, the 100 ° C steam supply is led to a drain heat exchanger where it is cooled to about 20 ° C before it is led to the drainage system. The benefit of the system is to save cold tap water, which has previously caused significant costs in water charges and waste water charges. In addition, the heat of the steam supply is now recovered and used for new hot water heating.

According to energy monitoring, there is still enough heat from the steam supply when no hot water is used. With this extra heat, there are already plans to use it for additional heating of the building’s ventilation. The steps for connecting the ventilation system to the system have already begun and the expectation is to get all ready in autumn 2016. Property manager Juha Kurki is pleased with Ecowec energy and water saving. He believes Ecowec is also suitable for many other University of Helsinki properties as well as other universities and research institutes. In his view, Ecowec competes in profitability, alongside renewable energy sources such as solar power and solar heat. His experiences of Ecowec are described as follows: “The results and potential potential of Ecowec have been even better than we have achieved with a large solar power system at the Viikki campus. The system is suitable for those who continue to use a lot of water and energy to cool the vapor. “