About us

Ecopal Oy is a real estate energy efficiency solutions and energy circular economy specialist company based in Lahti, Finland. Our speciality is heat recovery from wastewater and other sources with the Ecowec hybrid heat exchangers  and Ecohybridi systems built around. We deliver factory-made Ecowec and Ecohybridi systems ready for installation to property owners or contractors.

Contact details


Jouni Helppolainen
Tel. +358 44 097 3111


Jonna Helppolainen
Tel. +358 44 097 4111

Email addresses are in the format forename.lastname@ecopal.fi (without umlauts)

Ecopal Oy

Business ID: 2625625-8
Visiting and postal address: Ecopal Oy, Lakkilantie 4, 15150 Lahti, Finland

Invoicing information:
EDI code: 003726256258
Operator: OpusCapita Group Oy
Operator ID: 003710948874
Email for invoices same as administration.
Telephone for invoice-processing: +358 44 097 4111