We are seeking new professionals to join our team:


As an Ecopal sales representative, you would offer the customer an expert view on the most energy-efficient  system. You would be able to recommend the ecoHYBRIDi system that is the best suited to the customer and the property.

What we offer you as an employee or corporate representative:

  • The required training in the system
  • Support material for customer meetings
  • Diverse delivery options, for top-notch customer service
  • A fair sales commission
  • An opportunity to develop into an energy-efficiency expert

What we expect from you:

  • A good understanding of customer-needs analyses
  • Good listening skills in negotiations
  • Ability to consider the customer’s viewpoint
  • Interest in the development of buildings’ energy technology
  • Desire to succeed in customer service and sales


As an authorised installation contractor, you would provide installation services related to the system. This involves operating efficiently and as independently as possible in collaboration with project-management personnel. You would be responsible for the quality of the installation work and communicate with those handling project management to offer updates on the progress of this work.

What we offer you as an employee or corporate representative:

  • The required training in the system
  • Efficient procedures for the realisation of installation projects
  • Fair contract prices and reasonable hourly rates for any additional work
  • Statutory mileage and per diem allowances
  • A fair sales commission

What we expect from you:

  • Good ability to communicate with the customer and project-management staff
  • Excellent installation work and good cleaning skills
  • Systematic and efficient installation operations
  • Ability to solve problems that arise during installation
  • Technical expertise in the field of PHVAC installations

If you own a PHVAC installation company, you are eligible to work with us as a sales representative and installation contractor.


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