Recommendation service

By providing property or industrial process information, we provide recommendations for suitable Ecowec hybrid exchangers and Ecohybridi systems. This service is free of charge

Profitability calculations

We offer Ecowec and Ecohybridi calculation services for heat recovery of real estate wastewater and recycling of industrial process fluids or vapors. The calculation service is used to select suitable Ecowec hybrid / industrial / steam exchangers for the site and to calculate their efficiencies, yields and payback times.

The calculation reports allow architects, HVAC designers, energy experts, property managers, housing associations, property managers, construction companies and developers to make an informed decision to purchase an Ecowec hybrid exchanger or Ecohybridi system. The service is free of charge.

System design

In paid system design, the equipment of the selected system (eg heat pumps and accumulators) and space reservations in the property are dimensioned. The plan includes 3D visuals, equipment configuration, wiring diagram, and system input and output powers. Contact us and request an offer!

Equipment deliveries

The delivery of the devices includes the devices and their connection instructions with 3D illustrations.

Installation and commissioning inspections

The paid installation and commissioning inspection includes inspections of the connections in accordance with the instructions and an inspection report is drawn up. Contact us and request an offer!