Ecowec B10 HST -hybrid heat exchanger

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Ecowec ™ B10 HST hybrid heat exchanger. 24% VAT will be added to the price.

Ecowec ™ B10 HST is designed for swimming pools, spas, laundries, hospitals, industrial processes and other applications where steel requires special durability due to oxidizing or corrosive substances. The features are the same as in the B10, but the material is made of acid-proof steel, which has been specially treated to maximize durability and service life. With the heat pump connection, the repayment time of the Ecowec B10 hybrid is about 5-6 years when the property’s water consumption is 5000 m³ per year. See the B10 yield table below.

Connection recommendation: Pressurized sewage system from sewage pumping station and connection to heat pump. Heat recovery can be enhanced by connecting multiple hybrid exchangers in series and / or in parallel to the same system.

Dimensions: Width 950 mm, Height 2000 – 2100 mm, Weight 500 kg (empty), 1400 kg (in use)

Application areas: wastewater, pool water, vapors, condensate, sea water, process liquids

Pressure class: PN4

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Ecowec B10 HST yield table