Ecowec B3 -hybrid heat exchanger

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Ecowec™ B3 includes a hybrid heat exchanger, energy meter and remote monitoring system and installation inspection. Delivery charge 600 € in Finland. 24% VAT will be added to the price.

Ecowec™ B3 is designed for row and small apartment buildings with water consumption of over 1000 m³ per year. With the heat pump connection, the repayment time of the Ecowec B3 hybrid heat exchanger is about 5-6 years when the property’s water consumption is 3000 m³ per year. See B3 yield table below.

Connection recommendation: Requires pressure-driven plumbing to the waste water pumping station and connection to the heat pump. Heat recovery can be enhanced by connecting multiple hybrid exchangers in series and / or in parallel to the same system.

Application areas: wastewater, vapors, condensate, sea water, process fluids.

Dimensions: 550 mm, Height 1490 mm, Weight 150 kg (empty), 400 kg (in use).
Pressure class: PN4

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Ecowec B3 yield table