Ecohybridi EHM is a new way of heating buildings and water. This zero-emission system uses renewable geothermal energy and ‘waste energy’. Ecohybridi can also be used for cooling the premises in summer. The system can be complemented with a smart control system and solar- and wind-energy technology.

 Heat recovered from wastewater

Significant quantities of heat energy are flushed down the drain with wastewater. This energy can be recovered and used to heat the building and its water or to enhance the functioning of heat-pump solutions.

 Heat pump hybrid systems

Heat pump is the heart of the Ecohybridi system. As a heat source can be used waste water, geothermal energy, exhaust air, condensate heat and solar heat.

 Heat and electricity from the sun

Solar-energy harvesters can be used to heat the property, while solar panels generate electricity. With hybrid panels, these functions can be performed together, more cost-efficiently. No transfer or contract fees are charged for locally generated solar heating or electricity.

 Heat recovered from ventilation

Significant quantity of heat energy is blown in the air via ventilation. This energy can be recovered and used to heat the building with heat-pump solutions.

 Energy piles and geothermal wells

New buildings often require a pile foundation. Energy piles are installed in foundations to harvest renewable geothermal energy, which can be used for both heating in winter and cooling in summer. They also offer an excellent supplemental solution for plots where conventional geothermal wells cannot be built in sufficient numbers.