Ecopal Oy company is specialist in real estate energy efficiency solutions. Our speciality area is heat recovery from wastewater. We deliver factory-made Ecowec hybrid heat exchangers and complete Ecohybridi systems ready for installation to property owners and contractors.


Terraced houses and blocks of flats

Hotels and institutional kitchens

Pool and spa facilities

Hospitals and educational institutions

Industrial facilities and launderettes

Cruise ships


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As Oy Helsingin Sompasaaren Pooki
We supply a wastewater recovery system to As Oy Helsingin Sompasaari Pooki. Project report coming.
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Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna, Seinäjoki
We delivered the ecoHYBRIDi system to Seinäjoki Original Sokos Hotel Vaakuna. System produces heat for the need of the real estate using heat pump technology with...
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Kainuu new hospital
We will deliver a wastewater heat recovery system to Kainuu new hospital. Follow for more.
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Swimming centre Vesiveijari, Kokkola
We will deliver a wastewater heat recovery system to Swimming centre VesiVeijari in Kokkola. Follow for more.
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Puistokatu 25, Jyväskylä
The first waste water heat exchanger connected to the heat pump was installed to Puistokatu 25 building in Jyväskylä in 2016. At the same time...
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Joensuun Pihapetäjä
In the Karelian Culture Promotion Foundations Housing Company Joensuun Pihapetäjä - wooden cottages,  energy will also be extracted from wastewater. Read more at
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The University of Helsinki, Viikki campus
The Ecowec hybrid heat exchanger was installed to the University of Helsinki, Viikki campus, in April 2016. University is producing hot steam for laboratory and...
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Seinäjoki central hospital
We delivered a wastewater heat recovery system to Seinäjoki central hospital in summer 2017.
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Kivimaa swimming hall, Lahti
We will deliver a wastewater heat recovery system to Kivimaa swimming hall in Lahti in November 2017. Follow for more.
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Sokos Hotel Seurahuone, Lahti
We act as project manager for the hybrid system utilizing wastewater recovery from the Sokos Hotel Lahti Seurahuone. The system can also enhance the performance...
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Pohjolankatu 18-20, Tampere
Pohjolankatu 18-20 building in Tampere is one of the most progressive EU-GUGLE projects. We are involved in delivering the wastewater heat recovery system to the...
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Saksala swimming hall, Lahti
The City of Lahti launched an ESCO project focusing on energy saving at the Saksala swimming hall in Lahti. In addition to the heat recovery...
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